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optimus logo

Optimus is a process integration and design optimization software platform that quickly identifies optimal design parameters, so you can reduce development costs while producing superior products. With its combination of powerful optimization algorithms and an intuitive interface, Optimus makes it easy to find the best parameter values for your complex MapleSim and Maple design problems.  You can even use Optimus to optimize a design that uses unconnected simulation tools to evaluate different product attributes, since Optimus can incorporate other simulation tools into a single optimization environment. With Optimus, even globally distributed teams can collaborate to create automated multi-disciplinary workflows and identify the most optimal and robust design variants while respecting a proper balance between conflicting design objectives.


Key Features
  • Seamless connection with MapleSim and Maple means you can easily apply the Optimus optimization technology to your design problems while continuing to take advantage of the flexible design environments and tools of MapleSim and Maple.
  • For large-scale design projects that use Maple and MapleSim with other engineering tools, you can optimize your designs across all your tools by combining all these applications in a single, powerful optimization process.
  • An intuitive graphical user interface lets you drag-and-drop blocks to define the simulation process flow and formulate the parameter optimization problem. You can define design variables and design outputs to automatically become design parameters and objective and constraint functions. 
  • Optimus finds the optimum design point using a combination of gradient methods for a quick analysis, or state-of-the-art genetic algorithms where multiple hills, valleys, and saddles are anticipated in the response surface.
  • Multi-objective optimization methods generate Pareto fronts, showing which trade-offs can be made between multiple, often competing objectives.
  • Variability in the results is assessed and optimized with robustness and reliability methods.

Optimus is developed by Noesis Solutions and is available from Maplesoft. For more information about how Optimus works with Maplesoft products or to request a quote, contact Maplesoft. For more information about Optimus itself, visit Noesis Solutions.