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Introducing Maple 2022 for Education & Research

Length: 38 Minutes
Presenter: Nadia Sid
Product: Maple

In this Maple 2022 webinar, you’ll learn about: Advancements in Maple’s mathematical abilities Small but important changes that improve workflow and usability Discover some of the new tools that Maple 2022 has for teaching and learning math and much more!

Introducing Maple 2022 for Industry

Length: 43 Minutes
Presenter: Samir Khan
Product: Maple

In this Maple 2022 webinar, you’ll learn about: Advancements in Maple’s mathematical abilities Small but important changes that improve workflow and usability Specialized tools for engineers, including enhanced signal processing and much more!

Changing the Face of Mathematics Education

Length: 42 Minutes
Presenter: Maplesoft
Product: Maple Learn

From disruptive advancements in technology to the sudden increase in remote learning and working, how we teach, learn, and do math is evolving rapidly. In response to this shifting landscape, Maplesoft created Maple Learn to help schools amplify their mathematics teaching excellence and provide enga...

Les propriétés uniques des mathématiques de l'ingénieur – avec audio en français

Length: 30 Minutes
Presenter: Maplesoft
Product: Maple Flow

Si les mathématiques ne sont que des mathématiques, les mathématiques de l'ingénieur sont différentes. Les mathématiques de l'ingénieur ont des propriétés et des exigences qui sont plutôt uniques. Elles sont définies par ce ...

Osculating Plane, Circle, and Sphere for a Space Curve

Length: 41 Minutes
Presenter: Dr. Robert Lopez
Product: Maple

Curvature of a plane curve is defined in an elementary integral calculus course as the magnitude of the rate of change of the angle a tangent makes with the horizontal. Some texts for this course go on to define the osculating circle as the tangent circle whose radius equals the curvature. The cente...

Least-Squares Estimation of Parameters in ODEs

Length: 27 Minutes
Presenter: Dr. Robert Lopez
Product: Maple

If an initial-value problem or a boundary-value problem should contain parameters that can only be determined from observed data, can Maple solve the least-squares fitting problem that is implied? This webinar provides an affirmative answer. It considers two IVPs and a BVP, each containing two para...

Discovering MapleSim 2022

Length: 24 Minutes
Presenter: Maplesoft
Product: MapleSim

MapleSim is an advanced modeling and simulation tool that helps you reduce development time, lower costs, and diagnose real-world performance issues. Maplesoft is constantly expanding MapleSim’s modeling scope, improving its performance, and adding new analysis tools, with many improvements co...

The Unique Properties and Requirements of Engineering Math

Length: 60 Minutes
Product: Maple

While math is just math, engineering math is different. The differences arise due to the physical principles from which those equations are derived, how engineers (with all their human biases and emotions) work, and the framework organizations use (or lack thereof) to archive, categorize and deploy ...

Can You Trust Your Digital Twins’ Predictions? Digital Engineering Hot Seat Panel Discussion

Length: 60 Minutes
Presenter: Digital Engineering 24/7
Product: MapleSim

More and more manufacturers are relying on digital twins to understand how and when products in the field might fail, but how reliable are the twins’ predictions? Does the physics in the digital model accurately capture the functions of the product? Is there enough historical data to make proj...

Green's Functions for Ordinary Differential Equations

Length: 47 Minutes
Presenter: Dr. Robert Lopez
Product: Maple

More than 50 years ago in a graduate course in differential equations, my colleagues and I struggled to understand what a Green's function for an ordinary differential equation really was. Suddenly, someone pointed to a green chalk mark on the blackboard and, with great glee, declared it to be the l...