Download the free Maple Player for iPad today!

Explore mathematical concepts and solve advanced problems on your iPad!

The Maple Player is a free application for the iPad that takes advantage of the powerful Maple computation engine to offer a collection of interactive calculators and conceptual explorations for teaching and learning mathematics. You can enter values, move sliders, and click buttons to perform new calculations and visualize the results. You can even rotate 3-D plots with a brush of your fingertips!

  • Find solutions to integrals, derivatives, and limits
  • Visualize the methods for finding the area of a circle and the volume of a cylinder
  • Understand the definition of limit
  • Plot arbitrary functions
  • Calculate solutions to linear systems
  • And more!

This collection can be used to liven up a classroom and provide additional insight to students outside of class.

More Maple on the iPad! There are hundreds of interactive Math Apps available in the MapleCloud that explore concepts from calculus, statistics, graphing, physics, engineering, and more. These Math Apps can be accessed from both computers and tablets using a standard web browser. Learn more

Looking for a Maple Player to use on your computer? The Maple Player for Windows, Mac, and Linux is a free download that lets you use any interactive Maple application to perform computations and visualize results. It can also be used to view any Maple document.
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Download the free Maple Player for iPad

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