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Available content in Note to Editors:
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Title Date Published
PRESS NOTE: Japanese version of Maple 16 now available
mars 28, 2012
NOTE TO EDITORS: Maplesoft Releases Language Packs for Maple T.A.
août 24, 2010
Editor's Note: New product from Maplesoft extends connectivity to tools from National Instruments
décembre 23, 2009
EDITOR'S NOTE: Maplesoft announces new content to make classroom experience more engaging and enriching
novembre 13, 2009
NOTE TO EDITORS: Maplesoft Expands Distribution in Taiwan
juillet 16, 2008
NOTE TO EDITORS: Winner of the annual Maplesoft Technology in Engineering Grant announced
juin 23, 2008
NOTE TO EDITORS: Over 100,000 students in the state of Minnesota to benefit from the use of Maple in engineering, math and science courses
mars 26, 2008
Maplesoft enters strategic partnership with Fudan University in China
mars 14, 2008
NOTE TO EDITORS: Maplesoft broadens language support for its flagship product
janvier 10, 2008
NOTE TO EDITORS: Maplesoft and NERCOMP enter a partnership to offer better licensing options for members
décembre 6, 2007
Maple 11 Now Shipping
février 20, 2007
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