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Differential Equations with Maple, Second Edition

Differential Equations with Maple, Second Edition

K. Coombes
B. Hunt
R. Lipsman
J. Osbor


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Supplement to ODE or Engineering Mathematics courses that enables the instructor to present a modern view of the subject without sacrificing traditional content. Uses the mathematical software system, Maple, to introduce basic symbolic, numerical, graphical, and qualitative ideas into the course in a basic way. Instead of being a reference manual for Maple, this text focuses on the specific features of Maple that are useful for analyzing differential equations.

The goal of this text is to deepen students' understanding of differential equations by giving them a tool for analyzing them. It also provides students with a level of expertise in Maple that will allow them to use it in other math, engineering and science courses. Features: May be used with any Ordinary Differential Equations or Engineering Mathematics text, but is an ideal companion to Boyce & DiPrima's Elementary Differential Equations.

Requires NO prior knowledge of Maple, and provides details on how to use bot

Other Details
Language: English
ISBN: 0-471-17645-1
Publisher: John Wiley and Sons

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