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Mathematical Biology

Mathematical Biology

Shonkwiler, Ronald W., Herod, James


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This text presents mathematical biology as a field with a unity of its own, rather than only the intrusion of one science into another. It updates an earlier successful edition and greatly expands the concept of the "computer biology laboratory," giving students a general perspective of the field before proceeding to more specialized topics. In addition, the emerging field of algebraic statistics is introduced and its power illustrated in the context of phylogenetics. A unique feature of the book is the integration of a computer algebra system into the flow of ideas in a supporting but unobtrusive role. The use of a computer algebra system, such as Maple, gives the students the opportunity to examine "what if" scenarios, allowing them to investigate biological systems in a way never before possible
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Language: English
ISBN: 978-0-387-70983-3
Publisher: Springer

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