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Introduction to Maple, 3rd edition

Introduction to Maple, 3rd edition

André Heck


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The first two editions of this book have been very well received by the community, but so many revisions of the Maple system have occurred since then that simply reprinting the out-of-stock book would not do anymore. A major revision of the book was inevitable, too. The wording "major revision" must be taken seriously because I not only corrected typographical errors, rephrased text fragments, and updated many examples, but I also rewrote complete chapters and added new material. In particular, the chapter on differential equations now discusses Lie symmetry methods, numerical methods, and partial differential equations. Linear algebra is based throughout the book on the packages LinearAlgebra and VectorCalculus, which replace the deprecated package linalg. Maple users are strongly advised to do their work with the new packages. The chapter on simplification has been updated and expanded; it discusses the use of assumptions in more detail now. Many of the Maple sessions have been rewri
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Language: English
ISBN: 0-387-00230-8
Publisher: Springer-Verlag

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