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Author Program

Writing a book on Maple, MapleSim or any other Maplesoft product?

The Maplesoft Author Support Program may be able to help you! If you are eligible, you will be entitled to get copies of the products, and we will promote your book through the Maplesoft marketing network.

Ideally, applicants should be working with a publisher. Authors who do not have a publisher but can demonstrate serious intent will also be considered for the program.

If this is your first time applying for the Author Support Program, or you are applying for a new project, please fill in the application form. If you are already in the program and want to renew your membership, please fill in the renewal request form.

Benefits of the program include:
Current versions of software for use in the development of the book.
Assistance in promoting the book to the Maplesoft community, promotion through our website, on MaplePrimes and social media channels
Access to Maplesoft product logos and other artwork, and permission to reuse


Application Form
  Renewal Form
For further information, please contact:

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