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Overview of Palettes


A palette is a collection of buttons representing items such as predefined symbols, expressions, operators, Matrices, and Vectors. By clicking the buttons on the palettes, you can build or edit mathematical expressions without having to remember the Maple command syntax. Maple provides over 30 palettes.


You can construct mathematical expressions using the Expression and Calculus palettes.


You can create a Favorites palette of the expressions and entities you use frequently.


In addition, you can create your own palettes.  For more information, see Creating a Custom Palette.


Expression Palettes

Other Palettes

Alphabetical Palettes

Mathematical Palettes

Expression Palettes


Expression - a palette containing a collection of common operations, trigonometric expressions, and function building tools


Matrix - a palette consisting of a dialog that allows you to enter the number of rows and columns required; designate type, such as zero-filled; and designate shape, such as diagonal. Use this palette to insert a Matrix or Vector.


Layout - a palette that allows you to add math expressions using layout templates, such as superscripts and subscripts


Calculus - a palette for constructing expressions commonly used in calculus, such as derivatives and single, double and triple integrals


Units - a palette that inserts units by dimensionality


Accents - a palette that allows you to insert decorated names such as an x with an arrow over it to denote a vector


Trigonometric and Hyperbolic Functions - a palette for constructing expressions containing trigonometric and hyperbolic functions


Student Random Variables - a palette for constructing random variables based on distributions in the Student Statistics package


Group Constructors - a palette for constructing groups based on the Group Theory package

Other Palettes


Favorites - a palette where you can add expressions and entities that you use frequently


Variables - manage all of your assigned variables in your current Maple session


Components - a palette that allows you to embed simple graphical interface components (for example, a button) into your worksheet. The components can be associated with actions that are to be executed.


eBook Metadata - a palette consisting of a collection of Metadata tags you can use, along with commands from the eBookTools package, to author documents


Live Data Plots - create and customize statistical plots


Tasks - a palette where you can store tasks that you have created

Alphabetical Palettes


Alphabetical palettes include Roman Extended Uppercase, Roman Extended Lowercase, Diacritical Marks, Greek, Cyrillic, Script, Open Face, and Fraktur.


Use Roman Extended Uppercase and Lowercase palettes for accents, such as grave or umlaut.


Use the Diacritical Marks palette in 2-D math regions where accents are required. To enter these marks, use underscript and overscript shortcut keys or the equivalent menu items under the Insert>Typesetting menu.


Underscript: Ctrl+' (Command+', for Macintosh)


Overscript: Ctrl+Shift+" (Command+Shift+", for Macintosh)


For more information on shortcut keys, see 2-D Math Shortcut Keys

Mathematical Palettes


Common Symbols - a palette of common symbols for constructing expressions using sums, products, π, and ⅇ among other things


Relational - a palette of standard relations for constructing expressions


Relational Round - a palette of relational round symbols for constructing expressions


Operators - a palette of operators for constructing expressions


Large Operators - a palette of large operators for constructing expressions


Negated - a palette of negation symbols for constructing expressions


Fenced - a palette of fenced symbols for constructing expressions


Arrows - a palette of arrow symbols for constructing expressions


Constants and Symbols - a palette of constants and symbols for constructing expressions


Punctuation - a palette of various punctuation symbols, such as the registered trademark and copyright symbols, for inserting into text regions


Miscellaneous - a palette of miscellaneous math and other symbols outside the above categories

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