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Rotate a 3-D Plot


You can rotate a three-dimensional plot for different points of view.


Rotate a Plot Interactively

Entering Values of Angles Directly

Rotate a Plot Interactively


Generate a three-dimensional plot in your worksheet. For example, execute plot3d(sin(x)*sin(y),x=-Pi..Pi,y=-Pi..Pi);.


Click the plot to select it.


By default, the rotate tool is enabled. If another tool was previously enabled, then select Plot>Manipulator>Rotate from the main menu. You can also change the manipulator using the plotting toolbar.


Position the mouse pointer in the plot.


The mouse pointer changes to the rotate icon (see the figure below) once it is in the plot area.


Holding the left mouse button down, drag the mouse to re-orient the plot.


Release the mouse button when the plot is oriented as desired.


The values of the angles theta, phi, and psi are displayed in the 3-D plot context menu bar to help you orient the plot.

Entering Values of Angles Directly

Enter the values of theta, phi, and psi using the keyboard to obtain a particular orientation of a plot.


Click the plot to select it.


Edit the values of the angles theta, phi, and psi in the 3-D plot context menu bar and press the Enter key. Alternatively, click the up and down arrows to increase and decrease the values of the angles.

The orientation is determined by rotating the plot psi degrees about the x-axis, then phi about the (transformed) y-axis, and then theta about the (transformed) z-axis.

An orientation can be specified within the plotting command itself.  See plot3d/option for details.

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