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Convert To


Convert content in your worksheet to one of 2-D Math, 2-D Math Input, 1-D Math Input (also called Maple Input), Hyperlink, Plain Text, Label Reference, or Inert Form.


Select the content to be converted.


From the Format menu, select Convert To, and then select a format.


If you select Hyperlink, complete the information in the Hyperlink Properties dialog box. See Insert a Hyperlink.


Converting to 2-D Math and 2-D Math Input

Inert Form

Atomic Identifier

Converting to 2-D Math and 2-D Math Input


The Format>Convert To>2-D Math menu selection is useful for converting 1-D Math content to standard math notation.


The Format>Convert To>2-D Math Input menu selection is useful for converting 1-D Math content or Maple Input to executable standard math notation.

Inert Form


The Format>Convert To>Inert Form menu selection is useful for converting sum, product, differentiation and partial differentiation, integrals, limits, and the evaluation symbol (vertical bar) entered using palettes to standard yet non-executable notation. You can use this feature in Document mode, or at a Maple prompt in Worksheet mode.

Atomic Identifier


The check box Atomic Identifier will turn a Maple expression into an atomic object. For more information on the uses of atomic objects, see Atomic Identifiers.

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