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Getting Started with the MapleCloud Content Exchange


The MapleCloud Content Exchange provides easy access to Maple content. From the MapleCloud you can share and store worksheets, MathApps, Maple workbooks and package workbooks. You can also use the MapleCloud tools to store your content in a private location that is not accessible to other users.

The MapleCloud also stores your Maple Calculator and Maple Learn documents.  For more information on these products, see Maple Calculator and Maple Learn.


What You Need to Access the MapleCloud

Accessing the MapleCloud

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Terms of Use

What You Need to Access the MapleCloud

You need an Internet connection to use the MapleCloud. To share content; "like" shared content; create, manage, and join user groups; and view group-specific content, you must log in to the MapleCloud using a account name and the password that you use to log in to that account. To sign up for a free account, visit

Accessing the MapleCloud

 There are many ways to access and log in to the MapleCloud:

From Maple: Those who have Maple can access MapleCloud content from within Maple, instantly downloading documents from the MapleCloud into their Maple session.

For detailed instructions, see worksheet,cloud,login .

From the Free Maple Player: Anyone can access the full MapleCloud from the free Maple Player and interact with the applications there.  After downloading the Maple document, the Maple Player can also be used to work offline.

From a Web Browser: The MapleCloud is accessible from a web browser, from both computers and tablets.  You can browse and search collections of Maple content, read documents, download Maple documents, and even interact with Maple applications.  MapleNet provides the mathematical power behind the applications, so all you need is a standard web browser.

For detailed instructions, see worksheet,cloud,login.

Next Steps

Signing into the MapleCloud

Finding Content on the MapleCloud

Installing Package Workbooks from the MapleCloud

Liking Shared Content

Uploading Content to the MapleCloud

Disabling MapleCloud Connection in Maple

Controlling Access to Your MapleCloud Content (MapleCloud Groups)

Terms of Use

Note: The use of the MapleCloud Content Exchange is subject to the MapleCloud Terms of Service. For more information, visit  The MapleCloud connection is on by default, allowing you to view and download documents from the MapleCloud.  To turn the MapleCloud connection off, see Turning Off Your Connection to the MapleCloud Content Exchange.

Tip: For best practices on using the MapleCloud Content Exchange, visit

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