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Edit Hyperlink Names and Paths


You can edit a hyperlink name directly in the worksheet. To edit a hyperlink name, use the Delete or Backspace keys to delete part of the name and then type in the new text. (To place your cursor in the desired part of the hyperlink name, use the arrow keys.)


You can edit the target for hyperlinks within a worksheet, either individually or in a batch.


To edit a single hyperlink:


Select the hyperlink or use the arrow keys to put your cursor in the hyperlinked text.


From the Format menu, select Hyperlinks > Hyperlink Properties. The Hyperlink Properties dialog opens.


Modify the hyperlink properties. For details, see worksheet/managing/linking.


To edit multiple hyperlinks in one document:


From the Format menu, select Hyperlinks > Hyperlink Editor. The Hyperlink Editor dialog opens.


In the Link Type drop-down list, select All to list all hyperlinks in the worksheet or select a specific type to list a subset of the hyperlinks. All hyperlinks in the current worksheet that match the currently selected Link Type are listed.


Click the Targets tab and select a hyperlink or click Select All Links to select all hyperlinks in the list.


In the Replace field, enter the pattern (directory, folder name, or filename) to replace in the pathname.


In the With field, enter the string (directory, folder name, or filename) that is to replace the search pattern entered in the Replace field.


To make the search case sensitive, select the Match Case check box. A check mark appears to indicate searches are case sensitive.


Click Change Links to process the search and replace.


Click Close.

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