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Change User Mode and Directory (Windows only)


Maple can run in one of two user modes.


Single User Mode is used when only one person is using Maple.


Multiple User Mode is used if more than one person is sharing one copy of Maple. It enables all licensed users to log in and run Maple using their own default settings.


During installation, you must select a user mode. Note that personal settings remain in the home directory. After installation, you can change the user mode.



The folder in the Maple folder contains an ASCII text file maplesys.ini. Using a text editor, modify the options in this file to change user profile information.


To change from Single to Multiple User Mode, change the MultiUserProfile option from 0 to 1.


To change the location of the user directory, specify the new directory in the UserDirectory option.


Windows-Single User - The C:\Program_Files\<version>\Users\maple.ini file stores the Standard Worksheet interface setting.


Windows-Network User - The C:\Program Files\<version>\Users\<username>\maple.ini file stores the Standard worksheet interface setting.

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