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Maple Tasks


A Maple task is a template that helps you perform a specific task, such as:


Performing a mathematical computation, for example, solving an equation symbolically or numerically, or determining the Taylor approximation of a function of one variable


Constructing a Maple object, for example, a function


Creating a mathematical document, for example, an application


Creating an automatically graded assignment


You can view tasks either within the help system, or in the Maple Task Browser. To open the Task Browser, from the Tools menu, select Tasks, and then Browse.


To start using a task template, go to the table of contents pane on the left side of the Task Browser.  If you are in the Help Browser, you can find the Tasks folder at the bottom of the table of contents. The tasks are organized by subject, to help you find the appropriate task quickly.


Related Task Template links will take you to the task in the Help Browser.  If you would prefer to view the task in the Task Browser, you can navigate to it using the path indicated in the name.


Each task is a collection of Maple worksheet content, such as 2-D mathematics, commands, and plots, that you can directly insert into your worksheet. You need only specify the parameters of your problem, and then execute the commands.


For details on using tasks, including instructions on inserting a task into a document, see the Using Tasks help page.


You can also create custom tasks. For information, see the Creating Tasks help page.


Note that variables are sometimes used or assigned, and if they have been assigned in your Maple document already, you will sometimes but not always be warned. (See Task Variables.) If you are seeing different output after executing the given commands in your document, try either executing the restart command, or changing the variable names used in the task.

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