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Maple Versions


You can access the power of the Maple computation engine through a variety of user interfaces: the Standard Worksheet, the Command-line version, and custom-built Maplet applications.


Standard Worksheet

Command-line Version

Maplet Applications

Worksheet Compatibility Issues

Standard Worksheet


The Standard interface has all the latest user interface features and access to the full mathematical engine of Maple.


To access the Standard Worksheet, click the Maple 2024 icon. For example, using Windows:


From the Start menu, select All Programs > Maple 2024 > Maple 2024.

Command-line Version


The Command-line version does not include graphical user interfaces features, but this method is recommended when solving very large complex problems or using scripts for batch processing.


To access the Command-line version in Mac or Linux, use the maple command.  In Windows, use the cmaple command.  For more information on the Command-line version, including Command-line options, see maple. Alternatively, to access the Command-line version using Windows, click the Command-line version icon.


From the Start menu, select All Programs > Maple 2024 > Command-line Maple 2024.

Maplet Applications


The Maplet User Interface Customization system allows you to create windows, dialogs, and other visual interfaces that interact with a user to provide the power of Maple. Users can perform calculations or plot functions without using the Standard Worksheet interface.  A Maplet application is a collection of elements including, but not limited to, windows and their associated layouts, dialogs, and actions. To create Maplet applications, you can use the Maplets package or the Maplet Builder.


For information and examples, see the Maplets and MapletViewer help pages.


To view examples of built-in Maplet applications, see the interactive tutors in the Student[Calculus1] package.

Worksheet Compatibility Issues


Earlier versions of Maple included a legacy interface known as the Classic Worksheet Interface.  This interface was last released with Maple 2021 and is now obsolete.


For worksheet compatibility issues, see the Worksheet Compatibility help page.

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