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The Maple Command-line Options for the LaTeX Filter


Calling Sequence


Calling Sequence

maple -l outputmode ( -l option ... )



Maple, through the Command-line interface, can be used as a filter to include Maple input or results in a LaTeX document. Used as a filter, Maple will read a file from the standard input and write the modified file to standard output.


Note: Precede lines of maple input in your file with the line \begin{mapleinput} and follow them with the line \end{mapleinput}.


The following are the command-line options that Maple recognizes.


The -l option tells Maple to run in LaTeX Filter mode. There must be at least one LaTeX option specified following the -l flag to specify the output mode. The output mode option can be one of l, m, or t, indicating LaTeX math, Maple's dot-m and TTY Maple output formats respectively.


The -l l option tells Maple to format output in LaTeX math style.


The -l m option tells Maple to format output in dot-m file format.


The -l t option tells Maple to format output in TTY Maple format.


The -l p option enables plotting functionality in the LaTeX Filter.


The -l p=plotRoot option tells Maple what to prepend to EPS plot file names. For example, -l p=calc will yield EPS plot files named calc01.eps, calc02.eps, etc.


The -l ? or -l h options will display a list of these command-line options for the LaTeX Filter.


Any number of LaTeX options may be specified. Each option must be preceded by a new -l flag.

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