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What is a Quadrant?

We can assign coordinates to any point in a plane by using two number lines that intersect each other at right angles. These two number lines, each of which is called an axis (plural: axes), then divide the plane into four sections, called quadrants. Commonly, the x-axis is the horizontal line and the y-axis is the vertical line.


The point where the x- and y-axis intersect each other is the origin, with coordinates 0,0.


In mathematics, quadrants are commonly labeled with Roman numerals, starting at the positive x-axis and proceeding counterclockwise as follows:


The four quadrants of the Cartesian plane

Note: Points that are located on the x- or y-axis are not in any quadrant.

In which Quadrant does your point lie?

Click anywhere on the "Quadrant Graph Demonstration" and it will display the point you've selected, the coordinates of that point, and the quadrant in which that point lies.


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