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Maple: Introduction to Statistics

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Maple: Introduction to Statistics

This introductory webinar will demonstrate Maple’s statistics and data analysis capabilities, including a general overview of the Statistics Package. The Statistics Package, like Maple itself, combines the advantages of numerical and symbolic approaches to problem solving. With this package, you can create custom distributions that work alongside 38 predefined distributions; quickly generate enormous samples and take advantage of specialized visualization routines to show your large datasets; use interactive assistants and templates to get results quickly; and much more!

Key take-aways from this webinar include:

- Importing data and simple data analysis, including showing Excel connectivity

- Working with Matrix data sets

- Working with Random Variables and predefined distributions

- Sampling, Monte Carlo & Bootstrapping Techniques

- Creating custom distributions

- Visualizing data

- Hypothesis Testing

- Maximum likelihood estimation

Langue: English
Durée: 38 Minutes
Related Terms: Statistics, Statistics, Excel, Variables, Sampling, Montecarlo

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