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Creating Parameter Blocks

Parameter Blocks contain parameter information and no components. You create them to define a set of parameter values and assign their symbolic names to components within a subsystem in your model; the components to which you assign the symbolic names will then inherit the numeric values of the parameters defined in the Parameter Block. The parameters you create for your model with Parameter Blocks can be stored as reusable Parameter Sets (see Saving and Applying Parameter Sets).

To create a parameter block:


From the Model Workspace Toolbar, click the parameter block icon ( ) and click a blank area in the Model Workspace. A parameter block is displayed in the Model Workspace.


(Optional) Under the Properties tab ( ), type a name for the parameter block in the Name box.


Double-click the parameter block in the Model Workspace.


Enter the names, values, and descriptions for the parameters you want to define in the parameter block. The parameter block is created. To return to the diagram view of the model, click Diagram View ( ).


You can now assign the values defined in the parameter block as a variable or function of a variable to components in your model. To view an example, see the Global and Subsystem Parameters section in Chapter 2 of the MapleSim User's Guide.  



Parameter blocks must be placed in the same subsystem as the components to which you want to assign the symbolic names.


Parameter blocks at the same hierarchical level in a model cannot have the same parameter names. For example, two separate parameter blocks in the same subsystem cannot each contain a parameter called "mass."


You can add parameter blocks to a custom library if you want to reuse the parameter values in another model.

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