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Assigning Global Parameters

A global parameter is a custom parameter value that you can define and assign to multiple components in your model. Individual components to which you assign the global parameter then inherit the value of the global parameter defined at the top level of your model. For more information, see Global and Subsystem Parameters in Chapter 2 of the MapleSim User's Guide.

To assign global parameters:


In the Model Workspace Toolbar, click Main ( ) to browse to the top level of your model.


Click Parameters ( ). The parameter editor view appears. The Main subsystem default settings screen appears.


In the Main subsystem default settings section, enter the name of the new parameter in the Name field, and press Enter.


In the same row, enter the parameter type, default value, default units, and a short description.


Press Enter. The global parameter is defined.


In the Model Workspace Toolbar, click Diagram ( ) to switch to the diagram view. The parameter name and default value that you defined appear in the Properties tab ( ) located at the right of the Model Workspace.


In the parameter editor view or Properties tab ( ), assign the global parameter value to components at any hierarchical level in your model.

For example, if the name of your global parameter is J, you can assign a variable called J to the parameters of individual components. Individual components to which you assign the variable would then inherit the numeric value of the global parameter. You can assign a single variable (for example, J) or a function of a variable (for example, RJ) to components.


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