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Adding Modeling Components to a Model Using the Search Bar

The search bar is located in the Main toolbar.

You can search for a modeling component and then add it to your model from the search bar. When you search for a component name, the search feature returns all of the library and local component names that contain your query. For example, if you query the string motor, the search feature returns related Library Components that contain motor, such as Hydraulic Motor and Stepper Motor PM, as well as any Local Components you have defined that match motor.

The search feature is not case-sensitive and you can use mixed-case characters.

To add modeling components using the search bar:


From the Main toolbar, enter the full or partial name of a component in the search bar.

A drop-down list displays the component names that match your query. The Library Components section shows matches from the MapleSim component library as well matches from your custom library. The Local Components section shows matches from shared subsystems you've defined and your Hierarchy.

Tip: Hover over a component name to bring up the image for the component in a tooltip.




From the drop-down list, do either of the following:


Click on the name of the component. The component is added to the top-left corner or the Model Workspace.


Place your pointer over the name of the component, and then drag it to the Model Workspace.

Note: You must be in a model building view for this procedure to work. You cannot, for example, add a component to the contents of a library component.

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