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The Maple Portal is designed as a starting place for any Maple user.

New to Maple?

Learn more about Maple

How do I...?

Training Videos

User and Programming Manuals

Examples and Applications

Additional Resources for Students and Educators

Getting Additional Help


New to Maple?

Learn more about Maple

Getting Additional Help

New to Maple?

Step 1. Watch this video



Step 2. Maple Fundamentals Guide

After you've watched the video and then tried some things out on your own, the Maple Fundamentals Guide will take you even further. Watch it as a video, or try out each example for yourself by working through the steps given in the PDF.

Learn more about Maple

How Do I...?

Use these shorter tutorials to get build out your knowledge of specific topics and functions. (After you know the basics, refer to Help > Quick Reference when you need a quick reminder.)


How do I...

Each tutorial will take approximately 5-10 minutes to complete.

Topics covering essentials for working in Maple

Talking to Maple

How to Get Started

Entering Math

How do I...

...enter a simple expression?

...enter a function?

...enter a matrix?

...evaluate an expression?

...import tabular data

...plot a function?

...plot multiple functions?

...plot a straight line?

...enter a complex number?

...solve an ordinary differential equation? with random generators?


Tools and Features

Learn more about Maple's tools and features, such as palettes and context-sensitive options in the context panel.


Context Panel

Command Completion

Equation Labels


Maple Help

Plotting Guide


Example Worksheets



More topics for:


Putting Your Ideas Together

Combining Text and Math

Solving Equations

Expressions, Functions, and Procedures

Commands and Packages

Using Top Commands and Packages

Getting Help


2-D and 3-D Plots

Using the Plot Builder Assistant

Working with Matrices

Creating Matrices and Vectors

Data Structures

Including Lists and Arrays

Data Manipulation

Importing and Exporting Data

Random Distributions

Statistics, Regression, and Curve Fitting

Word Processing Tools

Sections and Tables

Document Enhancements

Dynamic Applications

Exploration Assistant

Expression Plotting

Interactive Circle Plotting

More Examples


Working with Units

Customizing Unit Settings


Note for non-Windows users: The keystrokes given in this document are for Windows. There will be differences for other platforms. If you are using a different platform, see Shortcut Keys.

Training Videos

This collection of Maple training videos covers both introductory and specialized topics.

User and Programming Manuals

Maple User Manual:  This manual provides a comprehensive overview of Maple. Topics include information for new users, mathematical problem solving, document formatting, basic programming, and application creation.

Maple Programming Guide:  Maple includes a sophisticated programming language. This guide covers a range of introductory and advanced topics, and is suitable for both beginner and experienced programmers.

These manuals are also available as PDFs in the Maplesoft Documentation Center.

Examples and Applications

The help pages, tutorials, and manuals contain many examples illustrating the use of Maple. In addition, you can find thousands of sample applications that use Maple to solve an extremely wide variety of problems. These include:

Examples and Applications in Maple - Examples covering a wide range of Maple functionality
Maple Application Center – Moderated collection of Maple applications contributed by users
Engineering Application Gallery – Collection of engineering examples

Additional Resources for Students and Educators

Student Help Center
Teacher Resource Center
Interactive Study Guides for Calculus, Precalculus, and Multivariate Calculus
Maple Calculator app for iOS and Android
Maple Learn online math environment

Getting Additional Help

You can connect with Maplesoft experts and experienced user to get answers to your questions.

Ask a question on the user forum MaplePrimes
MaplePrimes is the world’s largest community of Maple users. Search existing posts for a solution, or ask a new question.

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