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Context Panel Overview

The Context Panel on the right-hand side of the Maple user interface provides access to context-sensitive options for the current selection.


Getting Started with the Context Panel

Self-Documenting Operations

Context-Sensitive Math

Units and Numeric Formatting

Component Properties

Table Properties

Getting Started with the Context Panel

To enable the context panel click the view/hide toggle ( ) on the right-hand side of the context bar.

Context Panel States

The context panel has three possible states:


Open. Pin the context panel open by clicking .


Closed. Click  to collapse the context panel.


Overlay. Hover over  to view the context panel as an overlay but not pin it open. When you move the pointer back into the document, the context panel collapses.  This is useful to maximize document space.

If the context panel toggle is not visible, from the View menu, select Context Bar.

You can also control the visibility of the Context Panel from the View menu.  To open the context panel, select View > Context Panel. To close the context panel, clear the check box for View > Context Panel.

Displaying the Context Panel Options

You can display the context panel by clicking anywhere on the expression.  Maple then analyzes your expression and presents you with a list of the most relevant operations and tools that can be applied.  Selecting one of these options performs the operation.

Self-Documenting Operations

In Document mode (or inside a document block), context panel operations are automatically documented, so you have a record of all your steps, from the original equation to the final result.


a3x2 + 2 x b + 12differentiate w.r.t. x2a3x+2bsolve for xx=ba3

Context-Sensitive Math

The contents of the context panel changes depending on what you click on. Open this help page as a worksheet, then click the items below to see different options populating the panel.

Worksheet Input

Illustration of the Context Panel Options for this Input

ⅆ2ⅆt2ft+ⅆⅆ tft=sint

ss2+2 s+1



AudioTools:-ReadC:\\Program Files\\Maple 2018\\data\\audio\\MapleSimMono11025.wav

Sample Rate11025Bit Depth16Channels1Points/Channel49664Duration4.50s

Units and Numeric Formatting

If you click the output below, you'll see tools for converting units and applying numeric formatting.

2.9873103 Jkg K+3.7521103 Jkg K = 6.74kJkgK


Component Properties

The context panel also reveals the properties of a component, including its action code.

Table Properties

Clicking on the table belowyou'll see its properties, including options to insert, merge and delete rows and columns.




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