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Help System Search

To perform a help search:


In the Maple Help window, enter your search query in the search field.

You can search for a known help topic, a command name, a keyword, or a phrase.


From the Products list, select the products to search.


From the Page Types list, select page types to narrow down the search.


Click Search to see the search results.

Resource Icons


In the search results, the type of resource is indicated by an icon.


 Question mark indicates a help page.


 WS indicates an example worksheet or tutorial. These worksheets open in a Maple window.


 T indicates a task template.


 D indicates a Math Dictionary term.

Advanced Search

Help system searches automatically perform a full text search.  If necessary, you can modify your search using these advanced techniques:


Search for an exact phrase by enclosing the phrase in double quotes ("). For example, search for "Show table caption" to find help on that particular check box in the table creation dialog.


Specify searches using the search operators NEAR, AND, OR, and NOT.


NEAR: Search for results that contain two or more words or phrases in close proximity of each other.  For example, multiplicity NEAR root searches for help pages that contain the terms multiplicity and root in close proximity of each other.


AND: Search results are the intersection of results found for each specified criteria.


OR: Search results are the union of results found for each specified criteria.


NOT: Search for pages matching one word or phrase but not the other. (Search results are the relative complement of results found for each specified criteria.)

Other Ways to Access Help

There are two additional ways to access help.  Both of these methods provide access directly from your Maple worksheet.


From the search box in the Worksheet toolbar.  This search box searches both the Maple help system and the Maple Cloud.  View a preview of each search result.  Use this search box for instant access to tutors and assistants.  For more information, see Search from the Worksheet Toolbar.


Get help on any word in a Maple document (or help page) using a shortcut key.  For more information, see Context Help.

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