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Enter Expressions in Maple Worksheets


The following assumes that the Input display option is set to Maple Notation (that is, 1-D math) in the Display tab of the Options dialog. For details, see Options>Display.


For information on using 2-D math mode in worksheets, see 2-D Math.


For information on using palettes to enter expressions and symbols, see Overview of Palettes.


Entering Expressions as Maple Input

Examples of Maple Functions

Examples of Maple Objects

Entering Expressions as Maple Input


Place your cursor at a Maple prompt ( ).


Enter the Maple input, followed by either a semicolon, no punctuation, or a colon.


Press the Enter key.

Example 1: Maple Input Followed by Either a Semicolon or No Punctuation


You can use a semicolon or no punctuation to terminate a Maple input command and generate the output as shown:

factor(x^2 + 2*x + 1);



factor(x^2 + 2*x + 1)



Example 2: Maple Input Followed by a Colon


If the input ends with a colon, the result is computed but not displayed.

factor(x^2 +2*x +1):

Assigning Expressions to Names


Assign a Maple expression to a name so that you can use the expression again in subsequent calculations.

expn := 3 * sin(x) + 2 * cos(x);



sin(x) * expn;



You can also assign equations to names.

eqn := y = 5*x - 3;



Define your own functions.

f := x -> x * 2;






f(y + 1);



Making Maple Commands Inert


As you develop your worksheet, you can use inert Maple commands to help identify each step of the problem-solving process or to delay evaluation.


Active and Inert Functions

Examples of Maple Functions


Maple functions include most standard mathematical functions such as sin, sinh, arcsin, exp, ln, sqrt, and binomial.


Index of Maple Functions


More advanced Maple functions include the differential operator, the sequence function, and the composition function.


Examples of Advanced Maple Functions

Examples of Maple Objects


Maple objects include expression sequences, lists, and sets.


Examples of Maple Objects

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