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Fit Scene: Centering a Model in the 3-D Workspace

You can center your 3-D model so that all of the shapes appear within the 3-D workspace or playback area.  Use this option to reset the view of your model if, for example, you pan or zoom into your model and part of the model is hidden from view in the 3-D Workspace.

Fit Scene works with Interpolate Intermediate Frames if enabled.

Fit Scene works with View Change Animations, if enabled, to smoothly center your 3-D model in the 3-D Visualization Area.

Note:  Fit Scene moves the current camera to center all the parts of the model. Disabling model elements does not affect the Fit Scene operation. However, disabling visualization elements does affect the Fit Scene operation. For example, for a vehicle model with a trace to show the path, if the trace element is turned off, Fit Scene centers only the vehicle, not the entire scene with the traced path.

To center a model in the 3-D Workspace:


In the 3-D Toolbar, click Fit Scene ( ). The 3-D model centers and the magnification adjusts so that all of the shapes appear in the 3-D Visualization Area.


The Fit Scene button ( )  will:


Fit a selection to the 3-D workspace if you have selected a portion of the model.  See Fit Selected for details.


Fit the animation to the 3-D playback window if the Fit Animation option is selected.  See Fit Animation for details.


Note:  For a smooth transition to occur when switching between the 3-D orthographic and perspective views in the 3-D Visualization Area, select Enable view change animations at the bottom of the Settings panel.

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