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Toolbar: Plot Window

The following controls are available for each simulation graph.

Note: Some toolbar options are not available until you select a simulation graph.



Link Plots.  Link the plots in a plot window so you can zoom or pan all the plots simultaneously.

Point Probe.  Use the point probe tool to display coordinates corresponding to the mouse pointer position. You can select the type of coordinates that you want to view from the coordinate type selection menu.

Coordinate Type.  Select the type of coordinates to display when you use the point probe tool.

Pan.  Pan a simulation graph.

Zoom In.  Zoom into a simulation graph, scale the simulation graph, or zoom into a region.

Zoom Out.  Zoom out from a simulation graph.

Reset View.  Show the default view of a simulation graph; that is, undo all zooms and pans.

Toggle Legends. Display or hide plot legends.

Toggle Gridlines.  Display or hide gridlines.

Number of Plot Columns.  Select the number of plot columns (1-5) in the plot window layout by using the slider.

Fit Plots to Plot Window. Adjust the height of all graphs so that they fit in the current height of the plot window.

Note: You may need to scroll to view all of the controls in the toolbar. To scroll, click the black triangles located at the right of the toolbar.

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