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Modifying the Plot Window Layout

You can control the layout of the plots in a plot window by setting the number of plot columns, changing the order of plots, and changing the size of the plots.  Keyboard shortcuts also make it easy to set the layout of plot windows within the Simulation Results tab.

To set the number of plot columns in a plot window:


Use the slider ( ) in the Plotting Toolbar to select the number of columns (1 to 5).

To change the order in which plots are displayed in a plot window:


In the Plot Windows palette, drag the entry for a plot to reorder it in the plot window layout.

To change the size of plots in a plot window:


To change plot height, drag the horizontal line below a plot.  The change affects all plots in the plot window.  You can also automatically adjust row heights to fit all plots in a plot window in the available vertical space available using the Fit Plots to Plot Window icon ( ) or by using the keyboard shortcut Shift + F.


To change plot width, drag the right side of the plot window.  All plot columns are resized to fit within the horizontal width of the plot window.

To control the layout of plot windows:


To tile the plot windows, press Shift + T.


To cascade the plot windows, press Shift + C.



The Link Plots feature allows you to make other changes that affect all the plots in a plot window.  If you enable Link Plots ( ) in the plotting toolbar, then when you zoom or pan on a plot or turn on or off gridlines, all plots are updated accordingly.  See Toolbar: Plot Window.


You can hide plots in a plot window, which can be useful for setting up the plot window layout for printing the plot layout or for exporting plot data, since both of these features apply to the currently visible plots.  For information on hiding plots, see Working with Plot Window Configurations.  Printing and exporting graphs is done through the Plot Windows Palette.

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