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Directional Control Valves

Directional control valves control the flow between ports with a real input signal.


Three Way

Four Way

Five Way

Three Way

DCV 32 Closed 3-way 2-position closed

DCV 32 Open 3-way 2-position open

DCV 32 Generic 3-way 2-position generic

Four Way

DCV 42 PX 4-way 2-position parallel-cross

DCV 42 Generic 4-way 2-position generic

DCV 43 Floating 4-way 3-position cross-float-parallel

DCV 43 Generic 4-way 3-position generic

Five Way

DCV 52 A 5-way 2-position A

DCV 52 Generic 5-way 2-position generic

DCV 53 Closed 5-way 3-position closed

DCV 53 Generic 5-way 3-position generic

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