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MapleSim Overview

MapleSimTM is a modeling environment for creating and simulating complex multidomain physical systems. It allows you to build component diagrams that represent physical systems in a graphical form. Using both symbolic and numeric approaches, MapleSim automatically generates model equations from a component diagram and runs high-fidelity simulations.


Build Complex Multidomain Models

You can use MapleSim to build models that integrate components from various engineering fields into a complete system. MapleSim features a library of hundreds of modeling components, including electrical, hydraulics, mechanical, and thermal devices; sensors and sources; and signal blocks. You can also create custom components to suit your modeling and simulation needs.


Advanced Symbolic and Numeric Capabilities

MapleSim uses the advanced symbolic and numeric capabilities of MapleTM to generate the mathematical models that simulate the behavior of a physical system. You can, therefore, apply simplification techniques to equations to create concise and numerically efficient models.


Pre-built Analysis Tools and Templates

MapleSim provides various pre-built apps and templates in the form of Maple worksheets for viewing model equations and performing advanced analysis tasks, such as parameter optimization. To analyze your model and present your simulation results in an interactive format, you can use Maple features such as embedded components, plotting tools, and document creation tools. You can also translate your models into C code and work with them in other applications and tools, including applications that allow you to perform real-time simulation.


Interactive 3-D Visualization Tools

The MapleSim 3-D visualization environment allows you to build and animate 3-D graphical representations of your multibody mechanical system models. You can use this environment to validate the 3-D configuration of your model and visually analyze the behavior of your system under different conditions and at different simulation start times.

Related Products

MapleSim 2024.1 requires Maple 2024.1.


MaplesoftTM also offers a suite of toolboxes, add-ons, and other applications that extend the capabilities of Maple and MapleSim for engineering design projects.  For a complete list of products, visit

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MapleSim Product Installation and Licensing Guide

System requirements and installation instructions for MapleSim. The MapleSim Product Installation and Licensing Guide is available in the Install.html file located in the folder where you installed MapleSim, or on the website

MapleSim Help System

Provides the following information:


MapleSim User's Guide: conceptual information about MapleSim, an overview of MapleSim features, and tutorials to help you get started.


Using MapleSim: help topics for model building, simulation, and analysis tasks.


MapleSim Component Library: descriptions of the modeling components available in MapleSim.

MapleSim Examples

Model examples from various engineering domains. From the Help menu, select Examples to access these examples.

MapleSim User's Guide Examples

Model and Tutorial examples used in the User's Guide. To access these examples, from the Help menu, select Examples > User's Guide Examples. The examples are listed by chapter, in the order that they appear in the User's Guide.

MapleSim Online Resources

Training webinars, product demonstrations, videos, sample applications, and more.

For more information, visit

MapleSim Model Gallery

A collection of sample models, custom components, and analysis templates that you can download and use in your MapleSim projects.

For more information, visit

For additional resources, visit

Getting Help

To request customer support or technical support, visit

Customer Feedback

Maplesoft welcomes your feedback. For comments related to the MapleSim product documentation, contact


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