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Language and System Changes in Maple 13

Maple 13 includes the following language and system changes.


Element-wise Operators

Preprocessor Extensions

Element-wise Operators


An element-wise operation allows you to distribute the operation over the elements of a list, set, table, Array, or other rtable. The syntax for this is to use a tilde (~) after the given operator or function name.

<1,2,3> ^~ <4,5,6>;



Going beyond standard operators, any function can also be applied to the elements of the given arguments. This is done by appending a tilde to the function being called.

myjob := proc(x,y,z) x*y^z; end:

A := <1,2,3;4,5,6>;






See operators[elementwise] for a more complete description.

Preprocessor Extensions


Maple language files that contain preprocessor directives may now be read using the read statement. This enables the use of directives such as $include and $define in a more flexible manner than was previously possible.

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