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Animating a 3-D Model with Interpolated Frames

Animating your model with interpolated frames makes your animations look smoother, especially if you are playing an animation at a slow speed, exporting a movie, or specifying a 3-D sampling rate of less than 30 frames per second.

To animate your model with interpolated frames:


In the main toolbar, click Run Simulation ( ).


Click Show Simulation Results ( ).


From the Simulation Results tab, select the 3-D Playback Window.


From the Playback Toolbar, click Change 3-D Settings ( ).


Select Interpolate Intermediate Frames.


Play the simulation by clicking Play ( )  on the Playback Toolbar.  The animation now contains interpolated frames.


Note: This interpolation option for 3-D allows you to 'approximate' more frames, but these are not verified by the simulation engine, and are only generated to 'smooth' the video play. Turning on the interpolation reduces choppiness but the interpolated values may not be strictly accurate.

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