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<Package Command Template>

<For more information on using this template, refer to the ?Templates/PackageCommand help page. Delete this text and the title.>

<Package_Name>[<Command_Name>] <one line description of the command >

Calling Sequence

<Command_Name>(<param1>, <param2>, options)


param1 - <data type>; <parameter description>

param2 - (optional) <data type>; <parameter description>

options   - (optional) equation(s) of the form option=value where option is one of <option1>, <option2>, <option3>, ...


option1 - <data type>; <option description>

option2 - <data type>; <option description>



The <Command_Name> command ...




The <Command_Name>(<param1>, <param2>) calling sequence ...


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This command is part of the <Package_Name> package, so it can be used in the form <Command_Name>(..) only after executing the command with(<Package_Name>).  However, it can always be accessed through the long form of the command by using <Package_Name>[<Command_Name>](..).


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