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Chapter 3: Applications of Differentiation

Section 3.10: Antiderivatives

Example 3.10.5

A car makes a panic stop with a constant deceleration of 30 ft/s2 and leaves a skid mark of 180 ft. How fast was the car traveling when the brakes were first applied?

Note: This example is a variant of an exercise found on page 247 of a Stewart calculus text (ISBN 0-534-13212-X, 1991). It is included to show that often, applied problems require more "problem-solving skill" than actual calculus.


This author recalls learning more than 60 years ago when he was in Grade 6, the strategy of identifying "Given, Find, Solution" for word problems. It really does help when analyzing a problem to identify what information is known, what is to be discovered, and what relationships connect the known to the unknown.


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