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Intermediate Code Names


The basic structure on which both built-in and user-created language definitions operate is the intermediate form, an expression tree made of nested function calls representing a simplified form of the Maple input.


For a detailed listing of the members of the CodeGeneration:-Names subpackage and their function within the intermediate form, see Intermediate Code Structure.


The names of the functions in the intermediate form are members of the Names subpackage of the CodeGeneration package.  When writing a language definition module, it is frequently necessary to refer to these names, and is therefore often useful to use the use statement with the CodeGeneration:-Names subpackage.


useCodeGeneration:-NamesinCodeGenerationLanguageDefinitionDefineSomeLanguage,extend=default,AddOperatorAssignment=:=,AddPrintHandlerInteger=x→Printer:-Printconvertx,'string'end use:


x := 2;



cg := gamma(n) + 1;

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