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Overview of the CAD:-SolidWorks Package



System Requirements

List of SolidWorks Package Commands



The SolidWorks package allows a Maple user to communicate with the SolidWorks application.  This package includes commands to get or set the dimension values of a design.

System Requirements


This package requires Windows and SolidWorks 2013.

List of SolidWorks Package Commands


The following is a list of available commands.


OpenConnection - open a connection to SolidWorks


CloseConnection - close a connection to SolidWorks


GetActiveDocument - get the active document


GetOpenDocuments - get a list of open documents


GetDocumentName - get a document name


OpenDocument - open a document


CloseDocument - close a document


UpdateDocument - apply changes to a document


GetActiveConfiguration - get the active configuration of a document


GetConfigurationList - get the list of configurations in a document


GetComponentList - get the list of components in a document


GetFeatureList - get the list of features in a document or component


GetDimensionList - get the list of dimension in a document, component, or feature


GetSelectedDimensionList - get the list of selected dimensions


GetDimensionValue - get the value of a dimension


SetDimensionValue - set the value of a dimension


GetDimensionUnit - get the unit of a dimension


GetEquationList - get the list of equations


GetEquation - get a single equation


SetEquation - set a single equation


To display the help page for a particular SolidWorks command, see Getting Help with a Command in a Package.

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