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Multibody Visualization Components

The Multibody Visualization Library contains components that produce 3-D visualizations.

When you connect components from this library to multibody components in the model workspace, shapes and lines called attached shapes are displayed in addition to implicit geometry displayed in the 3-D Workspace.

You can attach these components to the ports and frames of compatible multibody components or compatible connection lines to customize the appearance of your 3-D model.


Make sure that you connect the attached shapes directly to the components that they will be used to represent in the resulting animation.

If you place a modeling component in a subsystem, its attached shape components should also be placed in the same subsystem.

Attached shape components cannot be connected to subsystem ports.

Visualization components are drawn transparent in the 3-D Workspace and non-transparent in the 3-D Playback Window.

Axis Node - display a local coordinate system in your 3-D model

Box Geometry - display a rectangular prism in your 3-D model

CAD Geometry - display geometry imported from an .stl file in your 3-D model

Color Blend - convert a real input signal to a color signal

Cylindrical Geometry - display a cylinder in your 3-D model

Cylinder Rod - display a cylinder and extendable rod of a piston assembly

Force Arrow - display an arrow that indicates the force direction and a cylinder to represent the magnitude of force

Spherical Geometry - display a sphere in your 3-D model

Spring Geometry - display a coil shape in your 3-D model

Tapered Cylinder Geometry - display a cylinder that can have two different radius lengths at both ends

Torque Arrow - display a curved arrow that indicates the torque direction and a cylinder that represents the torque magnitude

Torus Geometry - display a torus in your 3-D model

Path Trace - display the path on which a component moves during an animation

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