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Magnetic Force Components





The magnetic force components generate a reluctance force. They may be used to model position-dependent air-gaps and permanent magnet sections of translatory actuators. The position coordinate, s, of the mechanical actuator coincides with the variable , which is the dimension that changes with the armature motion.

The derivative of the permeance of a component with respect to armature position is calculated as


The parameter ddx must be set in each component to +1 or -1, according to the definition of the armature coordinate and the position of the element in the device's magnetic circuit.

The reluctance force, Fm, is computed from the change in the magnetic coenergy, Wm, with respect to the armature position:



Cuboid Orthogonal Flux

Cuboid Parallel Flux

Hollow Cylinder Axial Flux

Hollow Cylinder Radial Flux

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