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MapleCloud Groups

To control who can view content that you upload to the MapleCloud Content Exchange, you can share content in a group. Similarly, you can view content uploaded in a group if you are a member of that group and the group owner has assigned group members permissions to view content. In the MapleCloud window, the left panel contains the groups that you can access.

You can view, share, and upload content in a MapleCloud group according to the permissions assigned to the group.

Public User Group

All Maple users can view and share content in the public group. Content uploaded in this group can be viewed by the entire Maple community, including users outside of your organization.

All Maple users are members of this group. To share content, you must be signed in to the MapleCloud Content Exchange. You do not need to be signed in to view content shared by other users.

Private Group

When you are logged in to the MapleCloud Content Exchange, only you can upload and view content in the private group. Content uploaded in this group cannot be viewed by other users. All Maple users have access to a user-specific private group. You can upload content in this group, for example, to store content that you plan to retrieve on another computer.


For more information on public and private MapleCloud groups, see Description of Options for MapleCloud Groups.

Custom Groups

Any Maple user who is logged in to the MapleCloud Content Exchange can create a custom group. In a custom group, the group owner approves user requests to join the group and assigns the group members permissions for viewing and sharing content. For example, a group owner can restrict group members from sharing content and from viewing content shared by other members. For more information, see Creating and Managing Custom Groups.

The user who creates the group becomes the group owner automatically and can manage group membership and the content shared in the group. In addition to approving requests to join the group and assigning group permissions, the group owner can remove members from the group and remove content shared by members.

Users who are logged in to the MapleCloud Content Exchange can request to join custom groups. A user becomes a member when the group owner approves the user's request to join; approved members can then view and share group-specific content according to the permissions assigned by the group owner. For more information, see Joining a MapleCloud Group.

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