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Warning Messages


Maple produces various informative warning messages when executing a command. Some of the instances where warning message are displayed are discussed below.  For examples of warning messages, see the Examples section.


Modules and procedures can have implicitly declared local variables. A warning message is displayed when a variable is implicitly declared, indicating the location of the implicit declaration.  See Implicit Local Variables for more information.


Maple commands can return qualitative information about a given expression. For example, the Roots command returns the roots of a given expression. If that command determines that there may be an infinite number of roots then a warning message is displayed and sample points are returned.


Warning Messages in Help Pages


Warning Messages in Help Pages


Most help pages in the Maple help system do not display warning messages. For illustrative purposes, however, warning messages are displayed in a few help pages.



Warnings regarding variables in procedures and modules.

M := module() local a; export b;
    a := proc() c := 2 end proc;
    b := proc() d := 2 end proc;
    e := proc() f := 2 end proc
end module;

Warning, (in M) `e` is implicitly declared local
Warning, (in M:-a) `c` is implicitly declared local
Warning, (in M:-b) `d` is implicitly declared local
Warning, (in M:-e) `f` is implicitly declared local

Mmodulelocala,e;exportb;end module


Using the Roots command.





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