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Visibility in water

Main Concept

Visibility in water is something of great interest to scuba divers. The amount of light reaching a given depth depends on several factors. The most important factors are the light absorption of the water and the intensity of the original light source (which is above the water—for a scuba diver this would normally be sunlight). If we reformulate the problem as that of determining the proportion of the original light reaching a given depth, then the intensity of the original light source drops out of the problem.


The proportion, p, of light reaching a depth, x, through water with absorption coefficient c is given by p&equals;&ExponentialE;cx. Typical values for the coefficient c for water are in the range 0< c<0.1, with smaller values representing clearer water and larger values indicating more opaque water.


Using the sliders, select the values of p and c. The diagram shows the depth, x, to which the proportion p of source light reaches through water with absorption coefficient c.


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