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Memory Madness

Main concept

Memory is a cognitive process in which information is encoded, stored, and retrieved to and from the brain. Recalling information within a short duration after exposure utilizes, specifically, the short term memory. Short term memory is relatively limited in capacity as compared to long term memory. The following game can be a test for your short term memory, or a method by which to improve it.


Helpful Strategies

Chunking: A method used to increase the capacity of short term memory. Chunking, with respect to this game, is the act of grouping numbers together so that one is now retaining chunks of information rather than individual pieces. ex. five hundred seventy one instead of 5-7-1


Rehearsal: Reading items out loud so that information in memory gets refreshed and thus retained for a longer period of time. It is important to rehearse the old information so that it is not lost in the process of trying to remember the new information.


Note: This game can be very difficult, especially in the later levels.


Remember the numbers as they appear in the colorized box below. When the calculator screen says "Go!", re-enter the memorized numbers in the correct order before the 3 second time limit (per digit) runs out. After you finish a level, the calculator will give you some information about the number you have just entered. Losing a turn will reset the level. Losing 3 turns will lose the game. To win, you must complete all 5 levels.


Note: After playing the game once, you can choose to play with randomly selected numbers.




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