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Roadmap to Creating Maplet Applications


Maplet Builder

Maplets Package

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Maplet Builder


The Maplet Builder is a point-and-click interface for creating Maplets. The Maplet Builder is available only in the Standard Worksheet interface. For more information, see Overview of the Maplet Builder.

Maplets Package


The Maplets package is a set of routines for authoring Maplets in the worksheet or command-line interface.


For the optimal Maplet system learning experience, review the worksheets and help pages in the following order:


1. Go to "Maplet System Tutorial."


Learn how to create a simple Maplet application, and then add enhancements.


2. Go to "Maplet Application Style Guide."


Learn how to structure your Maplet application code for optimal readability.


3. Go to "Layout Guidelines."


Learn how to design a Maplet application with a more sophisticated layout by using nested lists and BoxRow, BoxColumn, and GridLayout elements.


4. Go to "Examples."


Review all the example Maplet applications provided in the Maplets, Examples subpackage.


5. Go to "Elements."


Learn about Command, Dialog, Layout, Menu, Toolbar, Window, and other elements.


6. Go to "Tools."


Learn about the tools that can help you create Maplet applications.

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Overview of the Maplet Builder


Overview of the Maplets package


Overview of Maplet Applications

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