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Revolutionary Multibody Technology

MapleSim combines revolutionary multibody technology and advanced multidomain modeling tools to give you an unparalleled platform to model your multibody systems and to solve inverse kinematic problems.

Easy to create complex multibody models
Quickly build up your model by connecting rigid and flexible beams with frames, joints and more.

  • Drag and drop from the selection of 900+ components across multiple disciplines
  • Import your CAD drawings and designs using the MapleSim CAD Toolbox add-on.
  • Define parameters and initial conditions to show motions and the effects of gravity.

Add detail and fidelity for deeper analysis
MapleSim provides state-of-the-art algorithms for multibody system formulation and automatically generates optimized model equations for your system.

  • Add symbolic representations of elements such as mass matrices, constraint Jacobians, and frame motions to provide additional detail for advanced multibody analysis.
  • Adjust coordinates to control the number and nature of governing equations.
  • View and manipulate these equations to obtain analytical solutions to inverse kinematic and inverse dynamic problems.
  • Improve visibility and understanding by modeling 3-D physical systems within a 2-D workspace using MapleSim’s interactive model construction environment.