Maple Conference 2023 - Art Gallery - Maplesoft
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Art Gallery
Enjoy the art, and see the winning entries!
Welcome to the 2023 Maple Conference Art Gallery and Creative Works Showcase. This gallery includes two exhibitions:

Art Gallery – Highly skilled, mathematically interesting works in a variety of media, which include descriptions by the artist

Creative Works Showcase – Interesting visual works created with Maplesoft products

On Friday, attend the Art Gallery Event to learn more about the artworks, and meet some of the artists.

Creative Works Showcase

Visit the Creative Works Showcase and enjoy some fun art created using Maplesoft products!
This Showcase is presented as a Maple Learn Gallery collection. If you are prompted to sign in to Maple Learn, use your Maplesoft account (which is also used for Maple Primes, MapleCloud, etc.). If you don’t have an account, you will be prompted to create one.