Model-Based Approaches to Energy Management

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Model-Based Approaches to Energy Management


Model-based approaches to energy management are becoming a powerful technology to grasp the increasing complexity of projects. Whether a company is looking to squeeze more power out of an electric vehicle, or hoping to improve the lifespan of battery packs, using model-based techniques can give physics-based answers to important questions. System-level models use the underlying physics of systems to simulate their interactions and provide powerful insight for design choices. With these models in hand, companies are able to easily perform optimizations, trade-off analyses, and ultimately bring more powerful, efficient products to market.

At Maplesoft, we’ve worked with many companies who have adopted model-based techniques to keep up with modern engineering requirements. This whitepaper highlights three stories from the energy industry, ranging from high-performance to high-efficiency applications. Each story helps outline the ways in which system-level modeling gave companies the ability to make even better decisions during their design process.

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