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Why Mathcad Users are Moving to Maple

Length: 25 Minutes
Presenter: Samir Khan
Product: Maple

This webinar will examine why Maple has recently pulled five engineers away from Mathcad.

Maple Conference 2019 - Introducing the Maple Companion App

Length: 36 Minutes
Presenter: Karishma Punwani
Product: Maple

Introducing the Maple Companion App presented by Karishma Punwani at the Maple Conference 2019.

How to Build and Deploy Applications in Maple

Length: 19 Minutes
Presenter: Maplesoft
Product: Maple

Learn the techniques you need to build and deploy interactive applications in Maple. The webinar will cover how to: Position and programmatically change the properties of interactive components Script components to accept input values, do calculations, and output results Deploy comp...

Anwendungen von MapleSim in der industriellen Robotik

Length: 43 Minutes
Presenter: Maplesoft
Product: MapleSim

Entwicklungen bei modernen Techniken zur Modellformulierung und effiziente Simulationsalgorithmen haben zusammen mit ständig steigender Rechenleistung die Verbreitung fortgeschrittener Robotik in Forschung und Anwendung auf Feldern wie humanoide Roboter, autonome mobile Roboter und Weltraumrobo...

L’ambiente Maple per le applicazioni industriali

Length: 57 Minutes
Presenter: Maplesoft
Product: Maple

Durante questo webinar avrete modo di apprendere, in modo rapido ed efficace, alcuni concetti fondamentali per l’utilizzo di Maple. Scoprirete i passaggi essenziali per comporre, rappresentare graficamente e risolvere svariati tipi di problemi matematici. Questo webinar vi consentirà an...

Hollywood Math

Length: 19 Minutes
Presenter: Charlotte Blinston
Product: Maple

Over its storied and intriguing history, Hollywood has entertained us with many mathematical moments in film. During this webinar we will present a number of these examples, including those done capably, as well as questionable and downright "creative" treatments. For instance, have you ever wondere...