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Resequencing Concepts and Skills via Maple's Clickable Math

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Resequencing Concepts and Skills via Maple's Clickable Math

In the late 1980s, several researchers looking into the impact of computer algebra systems (CASs) on student learning enunciated the notion of "resequencing concepts and skills." By this, they meant shifting the pedagogical emphasis to conceptual development by letting a CAS be the working tool during the initial phase of exploring and mastering a new mathematical concept.

The traditional by-hand approach to learning where the only technology is pencil-and-paper demands that students master manipulative skills first so that afterwards, they can use those skills to examine and absorb a new concept. If a CAS replaces the initial emphasis on manipulative skills, the concept at issue can readily be examined and explored, after which the requisite skills can be addressed, but now, with a better connection to the end goal.

In this webinar, Dr. Lopez will present examples of what this "resequencing" looks like when implemented with Maple's point-and-click syntax-free paradigm. Not only can Maple be used to elucidate the concept, but in addition, it can be used to illustrate and implement the manipulations that ultimately the student must master. The real advantage of using Maple for this approach to teaching and learning mathematics is that no time is wasted learning the tool. The point-and-click paradigm in Maple is transparent, so that content is not obscured by the technology.
Langue: English
Durée: 59 Minutes
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