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Virtual Prototyping and Dynamic Load Analysis in Machine Design

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Virtual Prototyping and Dynamic Load Analysis in Machine Design

Manufacturers of complex machines face major design challenges, particularly if those machines include subsystems that incorporate different engineering disciplines – multibody mechanisms, electrical or hydraulic actuators, electronics, sensors, controllers etc. Very often, it is only when these systems are integrated during prototyping that design issues arise, causing delays and increasing cost.

Through the development of virtual prototypes of concepts that capture the dynamics of the system (or systems) early in the design process, machine designers can avoid many issues that often arise during the integration and prototyping stages. Many have applies advanced analysis techniques to the models to capture the effect of dynamic and inertial loads on key points in the design, such as actuators and bearings. Being able to look beyond the steady-state loading on these elements has allowed designers to avoid transient over-loads that can cause damage over time, causing expensive failures after commissioning.

This webinar will outline Maplesoft’s work in applying these techniques for clients in the manufacturing machine and mining equipment industries.

Webinar outline:
  • Virtual prototyping and the model-driven innovation process
  • Advanced tools and expertise to support model-driven innovation process
  • System-level validation of multi-domain systems
  • Case studies
Who should attend? Design engineers and mechanical engineers.
Langue: English
Durée: 43 Minutes
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